Because Everything on Craigslist is For Real

I'm looking for an apartment. Haven't had to do this in about three years. So yesterday, I'm on Craigslist and I find the Cognitive Dissonance Bargain of a lifetime: Two bedrooms, 1300 sq feet, air conditioning, parking, cat-friendly, in San Francisco's white-approved Noe Valley, for $US 1300.

"That's a Nigerian 419 scam," my friend at work said. "They put these dream homes up and try to sucker you into placing a holding fee or deposit."

I was crushed. I could take the relentless fakery and heartbreak of trolling for online sex in the spam-soaked CL casual encounters. But housing? Was nothing sacred? And now there is this:

Know what I hate? When they want $US 100K but retail price is $US 99,999, like I don't know it's just a dollar's difference. Please. $US 50,000 or I walk.

Insider Documents Apple Nintendo Merger! - $US 99999 (cupertino) [craigslist, likely removed by the time you click it, but thanks to Eggy]


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