Belloq Shits on Indiana Jones LEGO

Those Raiders of the Lost Ark LEGO are darling. And that game? Precious. Certainly everyone involved with the film would be proud to be immortalised like that. Not Paul Freeman, who was the evil Dr. Rene Belloq! While he does acknowledge the game looks like "fun," he adds, "I will never play a game in my life." Oh. Okay! What about those adowable LEGO figures?</p

It's this little fat plastic cube... It doesn't look the least bit like me. How could it, a little yellow plastic cube? It wears a white hat at some point. It is better than Marian's, though. They haven't made her the most beautiful LEGO figure in the world, have they? Her hair looks a bit like a tea cosy. It's strange.

This man has no heart.
Paul Freeman Interview [Eurogamer]


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