BioShock 2 Coming To... The Wii?

2K Marin, founded by former 2K Boston members that made the original BioShock, is developing the sequel for 2009 release. Logic tells us that BioShock 2 will be on the Xbox 360 and the PC, but hey, maybe even the PS3! But the Wii? Hrm. A job listing over at 2K Marin for "Senior Designer - BioShock 2" lists the Wii as one of the platforms in the "Job Details" section.2K Marin tells Finnish game site KonsoliFIN, however, that doesn't necessarily mean that BioShock 2 is Wii bound because 2K Games recruiting coordinator defaults to all of the latest console settings when posting about all of company's jobs. While the idea of a waggle version sounds interesting (and tiring), don't get your hopes up just yet, Wii owners!
JobSeeker message [Gamasutra via KonsoliFIN]


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