Blockbuster Brings Video Games To Sacred New Release Area

Score one for games. With the release of GTA IV, Blockbuster will begin to feature video games in "new release" retail space formerly reserved exclusively for movies. I know, it doesn't sound like a big deal to rearrange some stuff on the shelf. But trust us, these retail guys get sweaty in the crotch just thinking about signage. As Blockbuster CEO Jim Keyes explains:

This is a big event for Blockbuster. The new release wall is sacred ground for us...We think that's going to attract a lot of people to our game offerings.

So the next time you're at Blockbuster, do them a favour. Walk in, point to the new release wall, cup your mouth in shock, drop to your knees and make the sign of the cross. Then and only then will Keyes know is efforts have not been in vain.

Blockbuster putting videogames in "new releases" starting with "Grand Theft Auto IV" [Variety] [image]


    lol franchise is owned by Video Ezy in Australia hahaha some insider tips right there

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