Boom Blox For Other Consoles?

Yes, it's got the name Spielberg attached to it, but is that really why you're interested in Boom Blox? Course not. It's because it's another cuddly, colourful Wii game that - thanks to its physics and level of polish - may actually be OK. Thing is, it might not be a Wii game for long, because the way the game's senior producer Amir Rahimi is talking, ports should be expected come Christmas time:

Once it's over the sky's the limit. There's definitely the possibility of going to other consoles.

He says that, it's, Christmas 2008, we're looking at a 360, PS3, PS2, PSP, DS, Mobile and PC I missing any?
Boom Blox on Wii has the best physics on any platform [VideoGamer]


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