British Office Star Ricky Gervais Appears In GTA IV

You should know Ricky Gervais from the original Office or the series Extras. If you don't please do some googling and continue the article. No, seriously. We'll wait. Go look the guy up or you're wasting everyone's time.


Thanks. ShortList magazine has revealed that Ricky Gervais performs a three-minute stand-up routine in a GTA IV comedy club. The track wasn't just audio recorded but motion captured for 100% authenticity. Well...almost 100%. Gervais admits: "...I look slightly tougher." But other than that small quibble, it's Gervais. Looking deadly.

Thanks Chris!


    HELL YEAH!!! There are some advantages to being on the other side of the globe to the rest of the developed world... namely, April 29th happens earlier!

    Can't wait to find Ricky Gervais!

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