Brothers in Arms: Hells' Highway - New Trailer and Screens

Alright, time for the eye candy. Ubisoft and Gearbox send us a 90-second trailer showcasing Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway, due for release in August on the 360, PS3 and PC. This simulation involves Operation: Market Garden, the largest paratrooper operation in World War II, which set the stage for the Allies to cross the Rhine and advance into Germany.

There are some screens after the jump, too.

From the trailer we can see this game intends to impress upon us the bonds formed by soldiers, as well as the real confusion and blood-pumping terror that attends to live combat. There's a quality of suffering in the fighting scenes that is painstakingly detailed, down to a stray round dislocating someone's fingers. It sounds engrossing, and I love period pieces and historically accurate simulations. But could I feel good about myself telling someone I had a hell of a time playing this game? Dunno.

There's a huge list of rumoured and confirmed features on the game's Wiki. And here are 5 more screens.


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