Bungie Wants Halo Fans To Become Bungie Fans

When gamers think "Halo," do they think Microsoft, Xbox 360 or Bungie? That's a question Bungie faces going into the future with its umbilical cord severed from the Microsoft machine—especially when accounting for the millions in branding dollars that tied the Halo franchise so closely to entities other than the developer. Bungie Community Lead Brian Jarrard voiced such concerns to Edge:

Not everyone that buys Halo knows what Bungie is...We want to convert Halo fans into Bungie fans and so we'll take them with us when we do the next game.

And while we feel for Bungie's situation, really, they're probably the most recognised developer in the US outside of Nintendo...to a pretty large and loyal fanbase, at least.

"We want to convert Halo fans into Bungie fans" [CVG]


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