Butt Flasher Lady Returns For More Butt Flashing!

Even cops can't stop Arse Flasher. Tush thong lady Asuka Sawamoto hit Akihabara this week and hit it hard — two cheeks at a time. Previously, Sawamoto mooned all of nerdom, causing a mob scene of sweaty dorks with cameras and boners. The act hit Yahoo! News Japan. While the cops have been cracking down on Akihabara street performances to hopes of avoiding such shameful (and potentially dangerous) displays. The "singer" was back for the hat trick this Sunday, putting her arse out for the third time. This time TV crews were on hand to catch the cheeky act and butt in for a quick interview or two.

Hit the jump for a pic of the arse flashery madness! It's somewhat safe for work. But creepy as hell.

Sawamoto Flashing [Akiba Blog]


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