Cagney Brings New Burnout Paradise Multiplayer Modes

While Criterion is getting ready to unleash their Bogart Update for Burnout Paradise, they're already lining up new content for the dead movie star patch. The Cagney Update will see the introduction of three new FreeBurn multiplayer modes to the game: Online Stunt Run, Marked Man or Road Rage. Online Stunt Run sees up to 8 players simultaneously competing for the highest stunt score within 2 minutes, with eliminated players sticking around to screw with the survivors' combos.

Road Rage features two teams, one that must race to a checkpoint and then the finish line, while the other tries to stop them, which sounds like an interesting recipe for strategic thinking. Finally Marked Man is pretty much tag, where the one marked gets points for survival and the other players get points for taking him down. All three new modes sound like a hell of a lot of I'm regretting not picking the game up. Might have to rectify that shortly.

Three new FreeBurn game modes unveiled for the Cagney Update!!! [The Criterion Games Blog]


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