Cake Decorator's League Announces 2008 Pro-Icing Tournament Schedule

The Cake Decorator's League announced the locations and dates for 2008-2009 North American professional frosting league matches today, with the pro-cake icing qualifying competitions kicking off this June in Wisconsin. That will give the Milwaukee Frost the home field advantage against the Boston Creamers, the first official match to kick off the '08 pro cake decorating season. You may remember that the Creamers drafted Loren "P-Bag" Friberg—last year's Lambeth Cup winner—after he became a free agent at the close of last season. Should be a good match up.

The CDL's sixth season will commence with a record eight teams, including the LA Candlewaxers, New York Royal Icers, Miami Moist, Chicago Chocolatiers, Seattle Bundters and Dallas Meringue who will be joining Boston and Milwaukee. Teams will be competing in speed icing, wedding cake time trials and Super Mario World cake competitions that will require decorators to adhere to the CDL standards.

A community day is planned prior to the event, with a massive FLAN party for aspiring dessert makers. Details and rule changes for the '08 season at the official CDL site.


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