Capcom Monster Hunter Monster PSP Holder

Get a grip! Peripheral maker MSY has released out this officially Capcom licensed, enormous steering wheel peripheral thing called the "MONSTER HUNTER GRIP." It's for the PSP Slim & Lite and totally defeats the purpose of both the "slim" and the "lite" part. We guess it's to make it easier to hold onto your PSP during hour after hour of Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G play. It'll also make it easier for you to look like a goober.
Monster Hunter Thingy [Game Watch via Gay Gamer]


    I actually bought one and it does make the PSP more comfortable to play during long hunting sessions.

    Oh and here's some pics


    Plus a MHF2G PSP case


    And the MHF2G accessories set.


    I really don't know why this game isn't bigger in the west.

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