Chicago Transit Authority Pulls GTA IV Ads Following Fox Affiliate Reporting

Chicago Transit Authority Pulls GTA IV Ads Following Fox Affiliate Reporting

Last weekend, Chicago saw quite a bit of violence. At the moment, CBS is reporting a total of “37 Shot, 2 Stabbed, 7 Dead,” while pointing out that 13 of the victims were Chicago Public School students. Fox News Chicago noticed—in a moment of divine correlation—that Grand Theft Auto advertisements appear on CTA buses and train stations.

The remainder of Fox’s report becomes muddled. In the intro, we cannot tell if they are blaming the shootings on the ads or just claiming that the ads are in poor taste. (They never, in fact, mention when the ads actually went up.) We’d say Fox buried the lead, but we’re not so certain there was any lead to bury.

The piece continues grasping for a story, this time through the political hypocrisy of IL governor Rod Blagojevich, who had once spoken against Grand Theft Auto San Andreas advertisements publicly. And then, to demonstrate how we should/could feel about this story (other than confusion?), the viewer is treated to a series of man on the street interviews. Finally, we find that CTA has made no comment on the situation but will be pulling the ads (we can assume only because Fox was doing the story).

After viewing the clip, we realised that the headline above the video is simply “Violent Video Game Ads on The CTA.” But that headline, while appearing innocuous at first glance, is as intentionally misleading as Fox’s video. Is Fox calling the “video game” itself violent or the “video game ads” violent? You can’t tell…which seems to be precisely the point.

We’d say to check out the video for yourself, but we’d hate to see Fox News Chicago make the ad revenue. Crecente had an interesting feature a while back on a similar GTA ad controversy if you feel the need to click something.

Violent Video Game Ads on The CTA [Fox via GamePolitics]

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