Choose My Next Gaming Tattoo

Well now you've seen my first, so I am letting you guys choose my next. I've narrowed it down to a few choices, sticking with the Final Fantasy I theme of things. Black Mage is lonely, and he needs a friend. The thing to keep in mind here is that white ink does not do well in a tattoo. Some people take to it well, depending on pH balances and such, but for the most part white won't last. This means that what might have been the most popular choice - White Mage - wouldn't end up looking all that great. In the end I'd like to get a full party of four going, and then maybe do enemies on the upper arms. This one is going on the same spot on my right wrist, so I can pretend to be praying while making them talk to each other. My appointment is Sunday, so you'll see the results come Monday. Hit the jump to see the choices and have your say in the mostly permanent modification of my skin. Voting shall end on Friday!

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