Coining The Coin Plane

Last day! Panic time! Reader painey sends long this:

My model plane is created from a 50pence piece, which is hammered flat, bent into shape and filed down. My grandfather used to make these all the time and thats how I learnt.

Amazing! Hit the jump for a shot of the plane's underbelly. For those thinking of entering, lemme bring ya up to speed: Dress up as an aeroplane OR make a three dimensional aeroplane out of anything tangible, but paper. So you can't make CGI planes! And you can't draw them either! But, you can make them out of anything else as long as it's not paper. Rocks, clay, toothpicks, whatever! And remember, that means make and not build a plastic plane model you bought in the store. Send entries to kotakucontestATgmailDOTcom by this Friday at midnight PST and, like all contests, don't forget to add a "Kotaku" sign. Remember, we're giving away two copies of Ace Comabt 6 and INTERNET FAME. One copy for the best plane cosplay, the other for the best crafted plane. In short, two separate contests.


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