Cosplay World Record: There Are Rules

Cosplay World Record: There Are Rules

I never thought that an act as passive as showing up in costume somewhere A) would merit a Guinness record or B) would require so many rules.

But first, remember how we threw down the gauntlet on the the 80 Marios who showed up in London back in mid-March? Right, just wait for the next anime convention, that’ll be blown apart. And that’s what’s gonna happen.

A-Kon, “the oldest continually running, anime-based convention in North America (at 19 years),” thinks they can pwn 80 wimp-arse Marios, easy, at their gathering, May 30 – June 1 in Dallas. And just to make sure there are no protests or challenges or “nuh-uh, nuh-uh!(s)” from their cosplay rivals, they’ve drawn up a list of rules for everyone to follow. They want this locked down tight.

Among the rules:

• Characters can be both video game and TV/movie, but must have appeared first in video games (Sonic the Hedgehog, yes. Batman, no.)
• Guinness can still determine who counts and who don’t. So you can’t just grab a bunch of bald guys in jacket and tie and say they’re Agent 47.
• Each participant must sign his or her name “in front of two independent witnesses of high standing in the community.” They shall be dressed as Princess Toadstool and Sheriff Bartlett from Red Dead Revolver.

There’s a whole bunch of other serious-sounding stuff on the A-Kon page. I mean, really. Folks, did we come here to dress up like the Battletoads, or did we come here to f—- fuck around?

[A-Kon, thanks to reader Matt Frager]

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