Creepy Crawlers: Hands On With Deadly Creatures

When one thinks of games on the Wii, "creepy" perhaps isn't the first word that comes to mind. But, It is the first that comes to mind once you lay your hands on Deadly Creatures. Taking some inspiration from Bad Mojo, (the cockroach game) Deadly Creatures puts the player in the role of a spider and a scorpion (at different times depending on the level) who must make their way through a punishing landscape. Along the way they are challenged by their surroundings as well as other creepy insect who don't cotton to foreigners invading their precious homesteads.

The level on display was one of the early scorpion levels and I was pleased to see that the Wii graphics looked rather nice and the controls weren't too gimmicky. For instance, flicking the remote would cause my scorpion friend to swing his tail in a huge circle, reminding me a bit of Link's circular sword swing. As I traversed the underground tunnels that made up the better part of the level, I discovered that I needn't always have all of my many legs on the ground. being an insect has it's privileges and it was fun to start crawling up the walls to avoid certain obstacles although this change of perspective made navigation difficult at times. Power ups and enemy creatures abound giving you upgrades for the harder levels that are surely found later in the game. Adding to the overall spooky factor was a great soundtrack that did a terrific job of capturing the mood and making it seem like you were taking part in some sort of insect ridden horror film.

If you were a fan of Bad Mojo, chances are you will probably get a kick out of Deadly Creatures. Will Deadly Creatures be the best game you will ever play on the Wii? Probably not, but it's an original and interesting IP which is always a welcome addition to the often times typical Wii entries.And in my opinion, anything that breaks the crushing mini-game mold is definitely worth a look see.


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