Crysis To - Apparently - Run Real Nice On Console

While we're still a little light on info relating to the inevitable console ports of Crysis, developers Crytek are more than happy to tell us all about the game's engine, and how they think it'll run once its chugging along on a console. Crytek's Harald Seeley:

We expect the final outcome will result in games that look like they're running at high settings, or nearly high settings, on a PC.

Should this be the case, we expect anyone that shelled out on an expensive PC just to play Crysis to be a little frowny :(
Beyond Crysis: Crytek Talks CryENGINE 2's Future [IGN]


    It has been confirmed that it was for indoor scene. Outdoor it will barely manage medium at 20-30fps. Sorry console fanboys it just wont happen. ;)

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