Crytek Ditch PC Exclusivity, Blame Pirates

Crytek were probably the last great dev team devoted solely to making PC users feel inadequate about their system specs. No longer. In an interview with PC Play, Crytek president Cevat Yerli has said that thanks to both "huge piracy" and the small returns PC games bring in compared to console titles, the company will no longer be making games exclusively for the PC market. They'll still make games for the PC, of course, just...not only for the PC.
Crytek president Cevat Yerli [PC Play]


    I hope this doesn't mean Crysis 2 is going to have over simplified gameplay.
    Crysis was a very very fun game, Much better then linear corridor shooters like Gears of War in my opinion.
    Its shame that most people see how good the graphics are and simply dismiss it as a fancy tech demo, or make ridiculous claims that you need a $5000 machine to run it.

    I think the marketing for the game was not good because the negative aspects such as "this game needs a killer expensive machine to run" won out against "no you don't need a killer machine". That may have led some people to stay away from it. That and bad driver support initially making some people that bought the game put up negative feedback on the web. All in all a good game was let down by bad marketing by Crytek. There should be someone in Crytek monitoring feedback around the web and countering it to ensure correct information is available.

    So long as they continue to make titles for the PC that would be great. Let the consoles have them also, as long as you release them concurrently and don't let the PC users wait a YEAR or many months (like Rockstar). Still hope the PC version comes out really soon. This is one game I prefer playing on a PC.

    You can blame the high requirements, people's perceptions of high requirements, and other things like that all you want, but we shouldn't try to pretend this article isn't right. The quality of PC games will continue to decline as long as piracy is as high as it is.

    There's piracy on most systems, sure, but not as high as PC. There will always be hacks, there will always be ways around copy protection. What we need to do is not attempt to make games harder to copy, but make people stop *wanting* to pirate games, in one very specific way: Make it frowned upon, like any other crime.

    We as gamers need to stand together and say no to piracy. Make fun of your 'cheap ass' friends who don't buy their games. When they offer to burn a game for you, tell them you'd rather buy it. It's really the only way to stop this on such a large scale.

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