Custom Soundtracks For Burnout Paradise PS3

Criterion really wants to prove that they understand the desires of the Burnout Paradise community with their forthcoming Cagney update. Not only are they adding three new multiplayer modes and changing the way standard definition is rendered in order to deliver crisper graphics to those of us not blessed with HD, they've even gone as far as implementing custom soundtracks for the PlayStation 3 crowd. PS3 owners will be able to access the XMB custom soundtracks menu from with the EasyDrive menu in the game, allowing them to shuffle or repeat their tracks to their heart's content. If you haven't already, I would highly suggest bookmarking the Criterion Games blog. They're constantly updating it with fresh new information about what is shaping up to be the ultimate Burnout experience.

Criterion Games announces custom soundtracks for Burnout Paradise on PlayStation 3 [The Criterion Games Blog]


    What the hell happened to split screen play???? or is criterion still catering to the fat pimpled anti social crowd?

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