Dan "Shoe" Hsu Leaves EGM/1Up

I was shocked today to read that long-time EGMer and guiding force Dan "Shoe" Hsu is leaving Ziff Davis Media and the 1Up Network for personal reasons. His last day will be April 25.

Shu is quick to point out that the decision was his alone and not one forced on him or dealing with any sort of lay offs, or connected in anyway to the recent news about Games for Windows. He says on his personal blog that after 11 years at the company it's time to move on.

It's with a heavy (and relieved) heart that I write this: I've tendered my resignation here at Ziff Davis Media and the 1UP Network. My last day here will be Friday, April 25.

This is my own decision; I'm not being forced out or laid off or anything like that. And this is not related to the recent news about Games for Windows: The Official Magazine (and I hope I'm not stealing any thunder away from those guys — that's not my intention here). It's just time for me to move on. I've been here, mostly with EGM, since April of 1996. That's 11 years (taking off one year when I did a brief stint at Gamers.com)...quite a long time!

While Hsu doesn't say where he's headed he does that that we will hear from him again in the near future.

love the videogame business too much to stay away (plus, I'm too old to become a professional snowboarder). Besides, I will miss you guys too much. You all have been fantastic. I sincerely appreciate all the support you've thrown my way over the years — and that, I'll never forget, either.

Thanks and good bye...for now.

I just hope it's still as a writer. The game industry doesn't need Hsu as much as we do.

Hit the jump for the official release naming Sam Kennedy as his replacement as Editorial Director for 1Up Network.

Goodbye [1Up][Image]

***1UP Network Media Bulletin***
1UP Network Announces New Management Appointment
Sam Kennedy Named as Editorial Director for 1UP Network

April 11, 2008- 1UP Network, the recognised authority in video game content and industry expertise, reaching over 24 million gamers per month, announced today a new management appointment within the 1UP Network. Sam Kennedy, the driving force behind 1UP Network's online properties as site director will be taking on the added role of editorial director as of April 25, 2008.

As site director, Sam Kennedy's fervent vision for the future of 1UP Network's online properties and respected leadership, coupled with his seasoned experience as editor-in-chief of 1UP.com has helped transform 1UP Network into what it is today— the first family of gaming print publications and online sites to provide fully-integrated content and a comprehensive social network. In the added position as editorial director, Sam will report directly to Simon Cox, vice president of content, contributing to the execution of the strategic vision for 1UP Network, setting and maintaining the editorial voice of the 1UP Network, and fostering consistency and co-operation among the editorial brands.

Current editorial director, Dan Hsu, is stepping down to pursue personal interests.


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