D&D Readies Another Kind Of Online Roleplaying

The 4th Edition of Dungeons & Dragons is heading our way in June, and Wizards of the Coast is gearing up to bring the game online in a big way. They're readying Dungeons and Dragons Insider - a suite of online software tools for the game - for release along with the new rule set, and it could change the way people play Dungeons and Dragons...for a price. Along with a character creator that allows you to keep track of your character's looks and stats and a dungeon builder that allows Dungeon Masters to craft 2D dungeon maps, the star of the suite is the Game Table, which lets the DM import their 2D creations into a 3D environment and run players through it online, complete with voice chat. What is all of this going to cost? While it isn't set in stone, Wizards is toying with a price range of $US 10-15 - a month. For the money you'd get a tight D&D experience, online tournaments, and lightning fast updates, but is it worth it? For that matter, what is D&D without being able to lob a D20 at your DM's head when he pisses you off? Hit the link to read a hands-on account of the new tools from Maximum PC's David Murphy, a geek after my own heart.

1d6 of New Dungeons and Dragons Apps! [Maximum PC]


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