Dead Space Cake Bullshot?

Dead Space Cake Bullshot?

I was pretty psyched to read about the Dead Space team’s recent grossest-cakes bake-off. The folks worked around the clock to try and out do one another with a bit of frosting, cake and ganache.

The goriest cake by far is the Severed Head Cake created by the team’s Michael Condry. The cake features a severed head, a fondant covering and fondant saw blade. Inside the vanilla cake is blood berry sauce. The final effect proves that Condry is a master of the trade… or is he?

MTV Multiplayer recently uncovered news that the over the top severed head is in fact a rubber mask. Say it ain’t so. How many times do Game Cake makers have to be caught touching up their cakes with smoke and mirrors before they realise all we care about is what’s on the inside?

Do These Freshly-Baked Cakes Get You Excited For EA’s ‘Dead Space’? [MTV Multiplayer]

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