Death Takes Old PS2, PSP Online Servers

Sony aren't a charity, folks. They're not going to go paying for online support for a bunch of old games that none of you play anymore. So they've announced that on June 30, they'll be killing off the American servers for a range of older titles on both the PS2 and PSP. Most notable are probably Twisted Metal: Black Online and Amplitude, while if any of you say that shutting down World Tour Soccer 2's PSP servers affects you you've gotta stop talking so much shit.

The total list of closures is as follows:

PlayStation 2

* Amplitude
* Destruction Derby Arenas
* Everybody's Golf
* EyeToy Chat
* F1 '04
* Jak X
* Lemmings PS2
* My Street
* Syphon Filter Omega Strain
* This is Football 2004
* This is Football 2005
* Twisted Metal: Black Online

PlayStation Portable

* Lemmings
* World Tour Soccer 2

Sony US to shut down some servers
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    bring back syphon filter online

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