Death to Clamshell Packaging! (Maybe)

I'm not much of a religious man, but every time I have to break out the kitchen shears to open a set of earbuds or a spare controller, I consider joining a faith just so I can believe in a hell just so whoever designed clamshell packaging can burn in it.

And if you've skinned your knuckles trying to get to a product you bought, made by a company that treats all of its customers like shoplifters, well, now comes word via CNET of a movement to get rid of clamshell packaging. Yay. Naturally, it's something of a green-backed movement, which means it'll need about 15 years to take hold in the U.S. The expansion of big-box stores doesn't bode well for clamshell's demise. My guess also the revenue stream represented by completely bullshit restocking fees — which is to Best Buy what a security deposit is to a landlord, money for nothing — might keep the clam with us awhile, too.

Still, there are people who share our pain and want to do something. Now if they could just do something about DVD packaging. There's another circle of hell waiting to be occupied.

Killing the Oyster Pack [CNET]


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