Del Toro Loves BioShock, Mehs Movie

Since earlier this year, there have been rumours of an inevitable no-brainer BioShock movie. If true, that adaptation would need a proven director who's able to handle dark, atmospheric movies. That adaptation would need Hellboy director Guillermo de Toro. The helmer writes on his official message board:

I love BIOSHOCK from a design point of view but Unless its a HELLBOY sequel I am not that eager to engage in another action-oriented movie. Even if the other elements are right. BUt- if I found the right pitch on the material, who knows- the BIOSHOCK universe is indeed wonderful.

Man, Guillermo del Toro is one of the few directors I can see making an unsucky BioShock flick. So, hear that? If he finds the right pitch, he's on board. If not, he'll still this still-rumoured-movie out, and we'll get some crappy director instead. This isn't the first time his name has come up with a game adaptation. Del Toro almost says he almost directed the still-in-development-hell Halo movie, but ended up doing Hellboy 2 instead. About the unrealised Halo flick, he adds, "There's great movie to be made, read the novels..."
Talking Games [DelToroFilms via /Film via FirstShowing]


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