Delicious DDR!

Delicious DDR!

Dance Dance Revolution makes you sweat. Cake makes you fat. This? This looks yummy. Created by blogger Lafemmereaper, this 20cm Dance Dance Revolution cabinet fruitcake (yes!!) is covered in marzipan and fondant icing.

According to Lafemmereaper:

I wanted the icing to be black, however I settled for grey – the black colouring got so messy (as I watched somebody else get black staining on their hands…that wouldn’t wash off for two days…)

It still took me three weeks just to get it to the right grey colour.

Before you DDR freaks criticise that the speakers are not meant to be that way, I was trying to stay true to the machine, but icing bags are awfully hard to control when you are learning to decorate a cake for the first time. The arrows on the screen were all piped on when the cake was standing up – ie. it was vertical. I also realise that the red “bars” (those 3D curvy bits at the front) should have a black bit on them, but I’ve left that off as it was too complicated to stick on (the black icing didn’t want to stick to anything.)

Thunderous applause!

DDR Cabinet [That Girl’s Site]

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