Developer Going Down: Here's What You Missed

GameSpot has word that Castaway Entertainment has suspended operations and is looking for a buyer. Kind of shoulder-shrug news, as the studio's been around since 2003 but released only one published title, described as "the Xbox Live advergame Yaris." Never like to hear of anyone losing work in this economy, but what gives, right?

Well here's what. Castaway V.P. Stefan Scandizzo followed up to Gamespot with a YouTube link to gameplay video of Djinn, a Diablo-style game that never got out the door. The video is of a fully playable demo in 2005, so, before the current consoles were available. Embedding's disabled so you have to go to YouTube to see it.

I kind of like the mystery of what-could-have-been stories. Who knows where this game would have ended up. But it's a nice tribute to the hard work of these developers and designers.

Djinn 2005 [YouTube, via Gamespot]
Castaway Sends Out SOS [Gamespot]


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