Disney to Acquire Chinese Game Company

Mainland China is the place to be for outsourcing, but Disney's game branch is bypassing that whole 'farming out to other companies' thing in lieu of purchasing GameStar, the company they've been using for outsourcing. Founded in '02, GameStar has offices in Shanghai and Wuhan, and will become the sixth studio in Disney's gaming portfolio.

Disney Interactive Studios General Manager Graham Hopper was quoted as saying that Gamestar will contribute to his company's "global growth plans" and new products.

... Following the acquisition, Gamestar will help with existing projects but may move on to developing original games for the Chinese market, Variety reported.

The terms of the acquisition were not divulged, but considering the excitement over the Chinese market, it seems to be unsurprising that Disney would want to throw their hat into the ring.

Disney game arm to buy Chinese developer [Business Week]


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