Dojo Dump: The End

Well, this is it folks, the final Friday of regular Smash Bros. Dojo updates and, essentially, the final Dojo Dump wrap up. The final daily update to the official site will be on Monday, but we expect the odd new post, sometime around the launch of the PAL version of Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Oh, the bittersweetness of it all! You may already know that the Dojo had a bang up post for today, helping the medicine go down easier, but don't think we aren't crying ourselves to sleep tonight!

For the final, spoiler-filled wrap up, roll on.

Monday: Want to know the secret behind every unlockable everything in Brawl? Then read Revealing Brawl's Secrets.
Tuesday: A handy checklist of All Trophies is offered. More secrets!
Wednesday: A handy checklist of All Stickers is offered. Even more secrets!
Thursday: The Mysteries of The Subspace Emissary are revealed, providing insight into the single player campaign's story and ruining pretty much everything plot-wise.
Friday: Yay! Screenshot Collection #2 gives us more wacky snaps from Brawl games and absolutely no panty shots.

That's it! Thanks for taking part in the many Dojo Dump conversations, kids. See you next Smash!


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