Dojo Dump: Twilight

This week at the Smash Bros. Dojo, it's nothing but "spoilers." Hidden characters, unlockable stages, post completion goodies—you know the drill. The most interesting thing to come out of producer Masahiro Sakurai's official blogging was his wee opinion paragraph about the lack of new Nintendo owned characters this decade. It might be annoying as a producer, I suppose, but I don't have such an aversion to playing through yet another Mario starring adventure. The rest of the updates are more in the way of T-crossing and I-dotting, as the twilight days of the official site and its daily updates draw closer. In the meantime, take part in more Super Smash Bros. Brawl conversation after this week's Dojo Dump.

Monday: Hidden character number twelve is Wolf, who not only looks like Fox, he plays a hell of a lot like him too.
Tuesday: The unlockable Pirate Ship stage just makes me want to play Wind Waker again. What a lovely little game that was.
Wednesday: We talked about the All-Star mode earlier this week, but it's all about character battles. Sakurai squeezes in a thinly veiled complaint.
Thursday: Want the Full Song List with Secret Songs? Print out your checklist!
Friday: The Dojo offers a good look at the Final Smash Trophies. They're rather attractive, no?


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