Don't Smoke At All With Pokemon

Quitting smoking is hard! There are numerous ways to help folks kick the habit. Some of them work, some don't. For DS Fanboy reader and smoker of five years Dan, here's what's working for him:

decided that every time that I wanted a cigarette, I would turn on my DS and play some Pokémon. But the thing about going from two packs a day to cold turkey is that at first, you always want a cigarette. So the first three days, I did nothing but play Poémon non-stop. My routine was to sleep extra late (because if I'm not awake, I'm not craving a smoke), play Pokémon for about 8 hours with breaks to stretch and eat, read Pokémon walkthroughs, F.A.Q.s, strategies, and websites, and then sleep... After the initial push, it just required the willpower to keep playing Pokémon instead of smoking.

Dan has made it forty days without a cig. Years back, I used to smoke like one or two packs of Nat Shermans a day. But I quit cold turkey, which was insanely hard, and I physically felt ill — like I was going through withdraw. (Probably was!) Actually, it was Mrs. Bashcraft telling me this that made me quit: "When people who don't smoke leave a movie theatre, have dinner or get off an aeroplane, they don't want a cigarette." Obvious and simple, but something about how smoking controlled what I did rang true and got me to quit.
Trading Pokemon for Smokes [DS Fanboy via Boing Boing]


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