Draft Update: Picks 11-20

So the first 10 picks have gone by and, amazingly, Master Chief, Claude from GTA and the entire cast of Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter are still sitting by the phone, unselected. Let's get to picks 11 to 20.

11. Pezdispenser selects PYRO from Team Fortress 2 "Criminally underplayed and under-ubered class. Well balanced character class with good speed, adequate to medium range and unparalleled close range weapons, and a personality that can't be beat. Strong sense of team work, and can sniff out spies like nobody's business. Ballsy enough to dive into a room full of medi-heavies, charge straight into sentry fire, and to bring an axe to a rocket launcher fight. Also comfortable enough with himself to carry a purse. Hudda Hudda Hudda!"

12: Balance_in_life selects KEFKA from Final Fantasy VI. "Best villain ever. Kefka goes from just kinda nuts to bat shit insane by the end of the game. With some villains you sometimes feel sorry for them depending on how well they are written, however Kefka is so perfect you hate him for the entire game. He would never stay and fight until the VERY last battle. He kill his own emperor, plus, he even had a cult following in the game. What else do you need?"

tetris.jpg13: Spoony Bard selects THE COLUMN BLOCK from Tetris "The greatest piece in the Tetris family, the one that allows you to score a perfect 4-row Tetris. Likes long walks on the beach and portable gaming devices."

14: Richard Tysinger, Owen's best friend from NC, selects GABE LOGAN from the Syphon Filter series.
"While everyone was going apeshit over the first Metal Gear Solid game back in the day, I thought the original Syphon Filter was a helluva lot more fun. Gabe Logan don't need to sneak around in cardboard boxes being all weird 'n Japanese. If Gabe don't wanna take shit from you, he can taser you till your arse catches on fire for like 10 minutes. Don't tase me, bro!"

15. InsidiousTuna selects FATHER GREGORY from Half Life 2 "Devout member of the faith, and a crack shot with a 12-gauge. Father Gregory is an excellent leader, he's resourceful in times of crisis, and he is devoted to tending to his local parish."

16. iamcool388 selects SOLID SNAKE from the Metal Gear series
"Comfortable with, or without, any weapon, fluent in six languages and proficient at parachuting, scuba diving, mountain climbing and flirting. An IQ of 180 helps him put together pieces of one of the most convoluted story lines ever written. Career highlights include:
• Killed his father (or his 'genetic' father, if you insist).
• Killed his best friend when needed.
• Kills arguably the greatest team of villains ever assembled at Shadow Moses, and ...
• Tops it off by killing his brother... thrice.
• Gets the job done even after being misinformed, misled and betrayed... because when you are Solid Snake, you don't need help.
• Killed the second greatest video game character ever with lighter and a can or aerosol.

"If that is not the life of a legend, I don't know what is. I do not think anyone else has gone through more emotional and physical trauma and come out looking this handsome.

"Oh, and he banged Meryl."

goomba.gif17. excel_excel selects GOOMBA from Super Mario Brothers "I guarantee you, all time, goombas have killed Mario far more times than Mario has killed goombas."

payne.jpg18. dead_red_eyes selects MAX PAYNE
"Fugitive undercover cop with nothing to lose, Max has an arsenal of weapons that would make the United States Army blush. With a pocket full of painkillers and a bullet time meter, he can easily work his way through an entire mob of vile gangsters and afterwards take on an evil organisation for desert. Clearly, this is a man that is not to be messed with."

19. Sander Dennis (Owen's Co-worker) selects QUAKE GUY from Quake "Could outrun, outrank and outrocketjump any FPS character created since his inception in 1997."

20. Archaotic selects LUCA BLIGHT from Suikoden 2
"It's really hard to compare to a villain who is so batshit insane that one of the first times he appears in the game, he slices one of your allies' heads off while a six-year-old girl watches. Everything he does is deliciously insane, from feeding entire cities to giant demon wolves, to torching every hideout the heroes manage to shack up in, to the insanely difficult three-tier boss fight against him that serves as the game's midpoint. He's truly one of the best villains in RPG history."

Next: Picks 21 to 32.


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