Draft Update: Picks 21-32

And now we're into the final grouping of the draft, picks 21 to 32. Max Payne, Solid Snake and Quake Guy boosted the firepower of the draft considerably. How will the rest of the picks shape up?

21) ManjiKengo selects GUTS from Berserk Millennium Falcon Arc "Guts wields a giant slab of iron he calls a sword and goes against all insurmountable odds, including his own limitations to continue his cause of revenge and justice in his own way against his former friend, leader and current God-hand, Griffith. He loses himself to his rage during his battles against demons and human foes alike. But he shows the best and worst parts of what makes us all what we are, Human.

22. Owen Good, Kotaku.com selects SPY HUNTER "First, it's a bad-arse Porsche 911. With machine guns standard. And smokescreen, oil slick and missiles as options with approved credit. Oil slick especially, since you can control how much it spits out, and a little dab will do the Switchblades every time. And if that's not good enough, Spy Hunter turn into a boat which I guarantee blew your mind the first time you did it too. The only question is whether Spy Hunter or Weapons Van is the true MVP here."

23. enewtabie selects: NATHAN DRAKE from Uncharted: Drake's Fortune "He's the best character to come out in years.I mean, really where can you find a guy wearing a wrinkled t-shirt,who is a good shot and can find more treasure than Indiana Jones. I wish I had his hair, but not his luck for getting shot at. Pretty much the best character from the best game on Playstation 3."

24. NeoAkira selects VECTORMAN "Vectorman can use his body to transform into a number of tools, including a drill, a bomb, an aquatic form and much more. With those kinds of abilities he can just about manoeuvre around any obstacle you put in front if him. With more plasticity than Silly Putty and the power of a tank, Vectorman gets my pick for the Greatest Video Game Character of All Time."

25. Gambia selects MANNY CALAVERA from Grim Fandango "Critically acclaimed travel agent, nightclub owner, ship captain, revolutionary. Excellent puzzle solver and one half of the greatest gaming love story ever told.The fact that this suave and sophisticated character is already dead also makes him that much better. He's invincible, provided he doesn't get too close to your green house. And, what could make him that much more badass? He's death, the coolest of all personifications, that and an obsession with jazz music, gambling and racketeering."

jumpman_01.gif26. Adam S. (Owen's co-worker) selects JUMPMAN (Commodore 64) "My introduction to video games, plus the guy is amazing versatile. He can shoot, has 10 speed settings (the highest being insanely fast) and comes up with neat tricks in a pinch (like the Hot Foot level). Also, unlike Mario, Jumpman could pull himself up, jump directly on and from ladders, and didn't die if he fell 0.5 inches."

27. Mr.SithNinja selects RYU HYABUSA from Ninja Gaiden "Ryu Hayabusa has outlived most of the consoles that he has appeared in games for, going back to his arcade debut in 1988. Ryu's moves are swift and impressive while difficult to master. His arsenal of weapons are both impressive and effective. In the right hands, he is the deadliest character ever, finishing his opponents with the style and grace that only a true ninja could posses. Ryu Hayabusa is such as bad arse that other bad asses stalk him and want to be him. (Yeah, I am looking at you again Master Chief!)"

28. Maldron selects HIGH OVERLORD SAURFANG from World of Warcraft "High Overlord Saurfang is generally considered to be one of the most fearsome characters on either the Horde or Alliance. Considering he auto-counterattacks critical hits for 12,000 damage in a game where it's difficult to get over 10,000 HP, he's somebody I'd want on my team. High Overlord Saurfang is a serious bad arse, a well known powerhouse, and therefore a logical choice for a draft."

29. aethyr selects ARTHAS from Warcraft III "Former paladin of the Light turned Death Knight, servant of Ner'zhul, Lich King. At the conclusion of Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, ascended to a higher existence when he merged with Ner'zhul to become the lord of Northrend and possibly the most powerful being in Azeroth."

30. Ra on the A-Team selects MILES EDGEWORTH from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney "Edgeworth has proven himself to be one who believes in justice. While his co- workers and mentors may choose to not see the truth in favour of getting the verdict they want, Edgeworth has gone against the grain and even worked with the defence to see those responsible put away. He fears no one in the court room and has saved more than one person's life."

31. Atheist Jew selects SHODAN in System Shock 2 "Her ineffable malice towards organic life, her total insanity, and her disturbingly cold plans for the universe in general make her one of most malevolent and purely evil villains in gaming history. SHODAN believes herself to be a machine goddess, destined to reformat reality in her image. Her madness is a threat to every organic race in the entire universe, and she will kick your ass."

CT-Stalker_duckhunt.jpg32) Fletch Good (illustrator of the epic Pac-Man dookie post) selects ASSHOLE DOG from Duck Hunt. "You know, seeing that Super Mario, Pac-Man, Lara Croft, Master Chief, Samus Aran, Link, Pitfall Harry, Kyle Katarn, Tecmo Bowl Bo Jackson and Pengo are all available here doesn't change my mind at all. Because when you add it all up, all the shots fired at this dog — from the Zapper in the home version, from the pistol in the arcade — millions of millions of rounds, some of them aimed between this son of a bitch's eyes with the barrel 1 mm from the screen, and he never got so much as a scratch — this is the most fired-upon indestructible motherfucker ever. More bulletproof than 50 Cent. Would laugh at Dick Cheney." (picture)

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