Dyack Affirms Too Human Is Trilogy Worthy

What's with all the trilogies game developer people? Like, why not make one game, and if that doesn't suck, make another. And so on! If things go really well you can use the Square Enix playbook and go batty. Silicon Knights' years-in-the-making Too Human is no exception. The game has been announced as a trilogy. But why? Says game designer Denis Dyack:

Too Human, from when we started to work on the game for the 360, has been a trilogy. For the first game, the theme is discovery; the second game, the theme is revenge; the third game is enlightenment. We know exactly what's going to happen from beginning to end. It's planned out in such a way that there is without question a reason for the three parts. If there would have been a reason for four parts, we wouldn't call it a trilogy, we would call it a... canto, I guess.

Hey man, don't give other game devs ideas! We don't want to start bitching and moaning about cantos, Dyack.
We Ask Denis Dyack [MTV][Pic]


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