EA Employees Now Pleased As Punch To Be Working At EA

Working at EA isn't as soul crushing and relationship ruining as it was just three years ago, according to internal survey results provided to GameDaily. You may remember that the work environment at the super-publisher was nothing short of a bleak wasteland not too long ago, during the "EA Spouse" years, the dark times of unpaid overtime, when rank and file employees were unaware of corporate goals and toiled away without "commitment". All in the past. Mostly.

EA says its employee survey results point to improved morale under the new city-state (aka label-division) structure, with a "positive" work experience, improved "knowledge sharing" and more respect. It's possible that a new batch of Successories brand motivational posters aided in the change.

For the full, feel-good report, make the jump to hear from human resources at EA. While you do that, we'll keep checking the tips line to see if anyone calls bullshit on this with an @ea.com host name.

Exclusive: Internal EA Survey Shows Boosts in Employee Satisfaction & Morale [GameDaily][Image Credit]


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