EA Kills EA Land, The Sims Online

Just two months ago, EA Land was announced to be the new home of struggling MMO The Sims Online. The good part of that news was that TSO would now be free, hosted at EA Land and was promised to have a host of new features, including user created custom content, web services and social networking tools.

Today, the EA Land blog revealed that it would be shutting down on August 1, ending The Sims Online forever.

The whys weren't given, but speculation from commenters and CNet is that EA wanted to kill The Sims Online without having to kill "The Sims Online." The closure of EA Land—who again?—is far more palatable, brand-wise. Details on outstanding subscriptions can be found at the official EA Land blog.

EA-Land Drawing To A Close [EA Land]
'EA Land' closing just weeks after debut [CNet - thanks DaveKap!]


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