EB Games, Other Retailers Offering PS3 Controller + Game Deal

ps3_controller.jpgTipster Shayne says the EB Games has a deal going where you can buy a SixAxis PS3 controller, and for an extra $20, pick up a copy of F1: Championship Edition, Genji, Heavenly Sword, Lair, Motorstorm or Resistance: Fall of Man. Not exactly a knee-trembling line up, but not horrible either.

Shayne reckons that Sony's clearing stock for the Dualshock 3. Considering we have word that a number of other retailers are offering a similar bundle, I'd say it's a fair assumption. The decision you'll have to make is whether a controller plus a game is worth more than a controller that shakes semi-erotically.


    i brought kingdom sword and a ps3 controller for $98 from dick smith as a bundle, whereas the game itself had a shelf price of $103

    jb hifi already had it

    Wow this took a while, I was going to write in about this deal but assumed I just missed a post. I just finished working as hed of games at a JB Hi-Fi store last week, but I put flyers up in store almost 2 weeks ago for this deal. Ridge Racer 7 and Folklore are also available making it 8 games to choose from.

    I agree with it being a clearance of sixaxis controllers before the DS3 is released in Australia.

    Big W's only offering Motorstorm or Resistance. With the controller for $79.

    No way would I buy another SIXAXIS. They're far too light, and while it's okay for, say, the odd fighting game or puzzler, there's no response for games that need it. The motion sensing aspect is underused and poorly implemented, but I feel that with rumble it could be more. Playing GT5P with a SIXAXIS is a crippling interface, and while a wheel is ideal it's more likely the populace will use a controller, and this game cries out for some sort of feedback. MGS without rumble? Pah!

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