eBay Game Auctions Get "Regulated"

If you've ever bought action figures or comics or anything like that on an auction site, there's a fair chance it's been graded/appraised by a third party. This lets the buyer know that someone who's not the seller has independently vouched for the quality of the item in question. Well, if you're selling or buying games, you've now got the same option, as the first games to have been examined by Video Game Authority have popped up on eBay over the past week. For $US 25, the VGA will grade your game, then seal it inside a hard plastic, tamper-proof shell, which instantly lets buyers know the condition of the game. Useless if you're just after a sealed copy of GTAIV (especially considering the $US 25 fee), but if your online purchasing habits lean more towards boxed copies of Chrono Trigger, this looks like its worth a look.
First VGA Graded Games Hit eBay [GameSniped]


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