eBay Smart Arse Starts Own Video Game Grading System

You're one of those obsessive video game collectors, the type who'd rather have a factory sealed copy of Final Fantasy III for SNES free of dog-earing, yellowing and keep in a climate-controlled, smoke-free vault than a playable copy. You, of course, put some sort of faith in the Video Game Authority grading service which will determine the quality of a game's packing against a set of internal standards.

Perhaps you'll also find some worth in its new competitor, VAG, which is taking a different approach. Their system may be better, as the VAG scale runs up to 1000 (aka Super Minty and Sealed) and uses hermetically sealed containers that can be reused for storing leftovers. They also seem to gloss over GIANT instances of the owners name being scrawled upon the box. Check 'em out! For peace of mind and stuff.

MISSILE COMMAND - VAG 90 NM ~ ATARI VCS 1981 SEALED [eBay - thanks, Joe!]


    Hey, I have been collecting video games for more than 10 years now. One thing is top priority for me - WHY OWN IT, IF YOU CAN'T PLAY IT? I see no point in spending hundreds of dollars for a factory sealed game when you know you will lose money if you open it.

    HEY. Does anyone else think that this grading stuff is just sickening? I mean, next thing we know there will be a grade FOR grading and other stupid hoopla. Also, I sell vintage games and comics on the internet ALOT and no one wants to pay more than pennies unless its GRADED. Even then, its still not worth the money and effort.

    FYI - I have found that using standard model kit thinner will wipe away ANY permanent marker ink on a video game cartridge. PLUS, using Armor All or a similar liquid upholstry protectant will make your old video games and systems look and shine BETTER THAN NEW.

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