echochrome Demo Changing Minds Tomorrow

Anxious to get your hands on the perspective-bending puzzler echochrome for the PlayStation 3 and PSP? At the official PlayStation Blog, the game's associate producer Kumi Yuasa has just announced that the demo for the game will be available tomorrow via the PlayStation Store on the PS3, with the PSP demo also available on the PC version of the store. The demo will only take you through a brief tutorial, but Yuasa is excited about what's in store for us once the game releases.

On PS3, you can upload your created levels to the developers through the game's interface. Once uploaded, your creation will be considered by the developers for a future downloadable content release.

User created levels from Japan and Asia will be available from day one, with US players' creations folded into the mix at a later date. Check out the new video up top for a glimpse at how the game will change the way you look at everything.

Feeling Puzzled? echochrome Demo Coming to PSN [Official PlayStation Blog]


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