Eidos Cancels New Carmageddon Game

When we heard that Full Auto devs Pseudo Interactive had been shuttered by Eidos and SCi, we were told that their closure would affect a couple of unnamed projects. What we hadn't been told was that, according to sources who have tipped off Next-Gen, Psuedo had in fact been working on a new Carmageddon game, which Eidos cancelled in February just before the Games Developers Conference. Eidos, what the hell were you thinking? The only thing the world needs more than love, sweet love is a new, current-gen Carmageddon game.
Source: New Carmageddon Killed Off [Next-Gen]



    I LOVE Carmageddon!

    I actually only cracked out TDR2000 the other day and had another go at it.

    It's so tacky, and silly, and fun!

    Oh, and also, it's an even sillier move in light of this! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0452608/ - new Death Race movie starring Jason Statham!

    Many is the hour (well... few moments)I spend idly on the tram on the way to work dreaming of the next carmageddon game... GTA just doesn't quite have 'it' as far as crushing random passers-by goes.... crackdown is close...

    one of the former concept artist of Pseudo has some work of a project on his site called "crude awakening" which was the code name for the new Carmagedon. check out the work. www.robertorobert.com looks like the look would have been like Team fortress. Man it looks like it could be so good. WHY GAMING GOODS WHY?!?!

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