Empire Strikes Back?

To: Ash
From: Crecente
Re: Two Important Questions About Empire Strikes Back

Empire Strikes Back? Seriously? My first movie was a Bruce Lee flick that I saw in Thailand, Babes in Toyland may have predated that, but I can't totally recall. I was five-ish. I do remember going to see Star Wars when I was visiting relatives in El Paso, Texas. I remember that the title confused me, but that the movie totally blew me away. We introduced Tristan to Star Wars last year, now we're working through the Indiana Jones Trilogy. Fun stuff.

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Oh, did you see that Time hates us now? Apparently it's your fault, all that talk about your kid and those after dark posts. Funny thing, while he was busy typing up his rant we were busy breaking the news that GTA 4 was leaked. His complaint is a little odd, because it's mostly about how we're writing too much about other countries throughout the night, which is of course what we do... throughout the night. I do suppose it's hard to keep up with 60 to 70 posts a day, but that's what our tags are for. Heck we even have negi-tags that let you block out content.


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