Enterbrain Back Slowly Away From "New DS" Prediction

Earlier this week, according to Bloomberg, Enterbrain president Hirokazu Hamamura predicted a new DS would be unveiled at E3. You'd think he'd be the kind of guy - what with his company publishing Famitsu and all - to get that sort of thing right. But Nintendo quickly came out and, rather than say "no comment", went so far as to say "no dice". Now, Enterbrain themselves have felt the need to issue a statement, denying that Hamamura predicted any such thing.

He did not...make a comment about the possibility of an announcement by Nintendo concerning a new model or successor to the Nintendo DS due to its current scarce product availability caused by its worldwide popularity.

Maybe they're right, maybe Bloomberg are right, but either way, who am I to stand in the way of a good old-fashioned corporate back-tracking expedition? Full statement's after the jump if you're interested.


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