Enterbrain: Japan Console Market To Peak This Year

Famitsu publisher Enterbrain is not encouraged by the Japanese console market. In fact, they've predicted that game console and software sales will peak this year with spending of 710.4 billion yen and drop to 671.1 billion yen by 2010. More from Japan Today:

The market is likely to contract as brisk demand for games consoles, such as the Wii from Nintendo Co and the PlayStation 3 from Sony Computer Entertainment Inc, will run its course, Enterbrain Inc said.

We can't quite tell if that means Enterbrain singled out those two consoles, or if the publication just offered examples for clarity. Either way, it's not a good prediction for either of them...especially not the PS3, which is still fighting for a decent install base in its native land.

Video game console, software sales forecast to peak in 2008
[Japan Today via MaxConsole]


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