Euro VC Gets Phantasy Star III

A nifty little update for the European Wii Virtual Console comes in the form of Sega's Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom for the Genesis. Considered by many to be the weakest in the original Phantasy Star series, the game spans three generations of characters, with the player getting to decide how each plays out by making marriage decisions for the party members in each successive generation. Criticized for bland combat and a storyline that conflicts with Phantasy Star II, Phantasy Star III is the game most likely to cause knock-down, drag out fights among Phantasy Star fans, as those who love it love it to death and those who hate it hate it with a passion. Me? I enjoyed the hell out of it myself, despite its many problems, and consider it a fine addition to the Euro VC at 800 points. Hopefully this will make it to North America shortly.


    Hoping this is pointing to a PS4 release on the horizon :)

    Have 1-3 on a GBA cart for my DS, just wish I could play the fourth one . And for the record, I enjoyed PS3 :)


    And IIRC didn't they iron out the contradictions in PS4? Something about there being multiple ships leaving Palma, and so PS3 only took place on one of those?

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