Europe Totally Fucked Over On Rock Band Pricing

When Rock Band was released in the US, it cost $US 169, and came with the game, guitar, microphone and drums. Not a bad deal. But in Europe, on May 23? Good heavens. The game won't come in a single bundle. Instead, there's two products available at launch. One is called the "Instrument Edition", which costs £130/€170. It comes with a guitar, drums, and mic. That's it. No game. No, if you want the game as well, it'll cost you another £50/€70. That brings the cost of the game and three instruments to £180/€240. Or, $US 378. Three hundred and seventy-eight dollars. I know, things are always more expensive in Europe, but...damn. Whether it's MTV or EA behind this price, you can take that price, and you can stick it up your arse.
EA clarifies Rock Band pricing [Eurogamer]


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