European Rock Band Tracks Coming To US

Were you drooling over Europe's Rock Band track list, but ultimately happier that you didn't need to buy peripherals separate from the game for an astronomical price? Yeah, we were too. But MTV Games has confirmed that the UK-exclusive tracks will actually be reaching US Xbox 360s and PS3s through optional DLC. A price, a date and just how the powers that be are going to divide up the 9-track list have yet to be divulged. But we're betting that we'll see typical 3-track packs for standard prices.

Hit the jump for the list of tracks that you may or may not be buying.

• Blur "Beetlebum" (English)
• Oasis "Rock 'n' Roll Star" (English)
• Tokio Hotel "Monsoon" (English)
• Muse "Hysteria" (English)
• Les Wampas "Manu Chao" (French)
• Playmo "New Wave" (French)
• Die Toten Hosen "Hier Kommt Alex" (German)
• Juli "Perfekte Welle" (German)
• H-Block X "Countdown to Insanity" (German)

Hmm, I wonder if the foreign language tracks will go through localisation.

UK Rock Band Tracks to Hit North America as DLC; Includes Muse, Oasis and Blur Songs


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