European Rock Band Wii, PS3, PS2... Not Until August 29th [Update]

According to, the controversial European release of Rock Band just got a little worse. While we knew that Xbox 360 owners would get Rock Band earlier than everyone else (May 23rd), EA has announced that the Wii, PS2 and PS3 versions will not be released until August 29th. That's a loooong delay...namely for those who sleep next to their PS3 at night, one bed over, waiting intently to take their relationship "to the next level" over a game that's already been finished.
Rock Band coming to PS3, PS2 and Wii on August 29 [VideoGamer]

UPDATE - Videogamer's report was based on a Rock Band fact sheet sent to European press outlets, which listed a release date of August 29. EA have since retracted that date, saying it "isn't confirmed, and is on the fact sheet in error".


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