EVE Online Source Code Leaked, No Worries

The source code for CCP's EVE Online has been popping up on torrent trackers all over the place this week, leading to players worrying about the security of their accounts, as well as having the peace, sleep-inducing serenity of their mining efforts disturbed. CCP assures everyone that the leak will have no adverse effects on the EVE community.

"The server-side interface used by the client is carefully protected to ensure that no abusive or unwanted information is transmitted to, or from the internal EVE server systems. Nothing the EVE client can do can affect the game state, no advantage can be gained by manipulating the EVE client, no advantageous or disadvantageous information can be transmitted to other EVE users by altering the EVE client."

CCP is still mum on how the source code was accessed, so feel free to make up your own story. Mine involves romance, intrigue, and the movie guy voice saying, "The only thing hotter than their love...was her betrayal."
CCP plays down EVE leak [Eurogamer]


    It is the python code and it was decompiled. It is simple to do and means nothing much as CPP would have know this as they are intimately involved in python development.

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